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What are the characteristics of food additives?
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A food supplement is a non nutritive substance that is deliberately added to foods in small amounts to improve the appearance, flavor, texture, or storage properties of foods. According to this definition, food fortifier for the purpose of enhancing the nutritional content of food should not be included in the range of food additives!
In accordance with the "People's Republic of China food safety law" article ninety-ninth, China definition of food additives: food additives, to improve food quality and color, flavor and taste as well as anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology to add synthetic or natural substances in food.
Food additive has the following three characteristics: one is added to food material, therefore, it is generally not as a separate food to eat; the two is both synthetic substances, including natural substances; three is added to food to improve food quality and color, to incense and taste as well as anti-corrosion, preservation and processing!
Main function:
1. to preserve and prevent spoilage
2. improve the sensory properties of foods
3. maintain or improve the nutritional value of food
4., increase the variety and convenience of food
5., beneficial food processing, adapt to production mechanization and automation
6. meet other special needs
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