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Three development directions of natural, compound and functional food additives
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With the improvement of living standard, people are more and more respect for health food. These food production is closely related to food additives. So, the food additive industry should be based on "nutrition, health care, safety and health" standards, vigorously develop the agricultural products as the main raw material of natural food ingredients and additives, the development of compound food additives, the development of functional food additives and ingredients.
China food additive products has always been concerned about the "natural, nutritional, multifunctional," now, compound food additives has become one of the main direction of China's food additive product development.
Vigorously develop agricultural products as the main raw material of natural food additives and ingredients, is one of the development trend of China's food additive products. Due to food safety considerations, consumers are repelled by synthetic food additives. Although government agencies and academia conducted toxicological study and evaluation of strict and meticulous of existing varieties of food additives, formulate corresponding regulations and standards, to ensure the safety of consumers, but out of concern for the health of consumers, to advocate natural animals and plants as raw materials, natural food additive obtained by processing. Natural pigments, spices, antioxidants have become the focus of research and development. Even synthetic food additives are safe and non-toxic.
One of the main development direction of demand for health care function of the food additive is the food additive industry. The food additives with the function of health care are typical of the isomerization of lactose, oligo fructose, oligo galactose, xylo oligosaccharides, sorbitol, soy oligosaccharides, and so on. The product is the use of oligosaccharides of Bifidobacterium in the intestine, promote the proliferation of Bifidobacterium, the formation of beneficial bacteria; xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol, lactitol, isomalt and other sugar alcohols, is low in calories, does not stimulate insulin secretion, can alleviate the diabetes, prevention and treatment of obesity, the prevention of dental caries. Phospholipid is an important component of the cell membrane, plays a role in the protection of cells and the transmission of metabolic substances. Edible phospholipids can repair the biological membranes damaged by free radicals in vivo, thus delaying the aging of the body. Its main varieties are soybean lecithin and lecithin. Vitamins and polyphenols can capture free radicals in vivo. Despite the lack of theoretical research and practice, the health function of these substances has attracted much attention. The varieties of low calorie and low absorption food additives have great market advantages. In the world today, more and more people are suffering from physical disorders due to obesity. People who face these disorders can only provide them with low calorie foods. Therefore, high sweetness, low calorie sweetener and fat substitute increasingly welcomed by the market, aspartame, alitame, three sucralose and acesulfame, sugar alcohols such as big sweetness, low in calories, non-toxic and safe sweetener and poly sucrose fatty acid ester, sorbic acid polyester generation lipid products came into being, and continue to be optimistic at the time the market prospects for the future.
Compound food additives market has great potential. The research and application of composite food additives has been a hot spot in the food additives industry. According to industry experts, composite food additives refers to more than two varieties of food additives by physical methods of mixing food additives. The main form of the compound food additive compound: two or more of the same category of food additives, more than two kinds of food additives of different types of composite, more than two kinds of the same or different categories of food additives and some food raw materials of compound 3 forms. Compound food additives play an important role in the development of food industry, the composite can not only realize the synergies between food additives and complementary effect, but also can effectively increase the safety of food additives, effectively improve the flavor and taste of food additives.
In recent years, China's food additive production in advocating "natural, nutrition, multifunctional" policy, consistent with the international trend of "return to nature, advocating natural, nutritious, low calorie, low fat". China is vast in territory and rich in resources. It has unique advantages in developing natural, nutritious and multifunctional food additives. We must adopt high and new technology, keep in line with the international trend, seize the opportunity, improve the quality of the enterprise and upgrade the product grade, so as to better promote the development of China's food industry.
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