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Correct understanding of food additives -- the truth of food additives
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Every time I hear additives, everyone has a strange sense of rejection.
A lollipop has 19 additives!
An ice cream has 23 kinds of additives!
A cake has 25 kinds of additives!
1, food additives and illegal additives
In accordance with the food safety law of the People's Republic of China, 150th:
Food additives refer to synthetic or natural substances added to foods to improve food quality, color, aroma and flavor, as well as the need for preservation, preservation, and processing techniques, including nutritional supplements.
At present, food additives generally refers to GB 2760 (using the standard of national food safety standards of food additives (GB), 14880 national food safety standards of food nutrition fortifier use standard) additives and nutritional supplements listed in accordance with the provisions of the use of.
2, no food additives, there is no modern food industry
It is said that the current varieties of food additives in the world has more than 25000 kinds, including 80% varieties of spices, additives commonly used a variety of 5000, there are about 3000-4000 for directly using the category, and the more common are 600-1000.
In our impression, the United States, the most commendable food and drug regulatory system, is the world's largest use of food additives, the largest variety of countries.
3, countries allow the use of food additives:
More than 2300 food additives are allowed to be used directly in the United states;
There are about 1100 kinds of food additives in japan;
There are 1000-1500 kinds of permits used by the European community;
The list of Chinese food additives has been revised and more than 2000 are currently permitted.
4, modern food production, the correct use of norms, I have 4 advantages:
1. increase the preservation properties of food
Extended shelf life to prevent spoilage by microorganisms and spoilage caused by oxidation.
2. improve the quality of food color, aroma and food
Such as pigments, flavors, spices, thickeners and emulsifiers.
3., conducive to food processing operations
Adapt to mechanization and continuous production.
4. maintain and improve the nutritional and health value of food
5, the rational use of food additives is the progress of science and technology!
For food additives really do not need to talk about discoloration, should be treated dialectically. Be positive about it, get familiar with it, and when we know enough, we won't be afraid anymore. Of course, we should also have confidence in the trend of food safety in recent years.
In addition, the State Administration for import and export inspection and Quarantine has implemented supervision and management of the safety of import and export food. In addition to imported food, they are very strict in their additives!
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