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Ten criteria for selecting and evaluating fish meal
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Fish meal because of good palatability and rich nutritional value become high-quality animal protein raw material data in the formulation of preferred screening in accordance with standard quality of fish meal is not only conducive to digestion and absorption of pig attractant, and fish meal in the unknown growth factor can promote the growth and development of piglets. But because the meal is expensive, at the same time, according to the processing mode of fishmeal quality of different origin, color, and produced a different price, so shoddy and doping on the market to make fake fish meal phenomenon has never stopped. Specializing in the production of teaching material if the enterprise does not meet the quality standard of adding fishmeal production teaching material, not only to the expected effect, will cause the teaching material to reduce the nutritional value of amino acids, and disorders of pig feed intake, thereby affecting the growth of piglets.
According to the long-term view of the quality of fish meal in the national first tier feed enterprises work experience, combined with the physiological and biochemical characteristics of pig, pig feed fishmeal summary ten standard screening and evaluation for teaching material industry enterprises.
-- 01 -- the entrance of the taste
Quality fresh fish meal that is the entrance, shoddy or expired without entrance containing fish meal, with bitter taste and kazakhstan;
-- 02 -- shades of color
Quality fresh fish from the outside with fisheye, scales, fish bones, bones, fish, small crabs and other shades of fish whole fish fiber structure, and no fish meal color consistency, all fiber structure obviously;
-- 03 -- faint fragrance of fish
High quality fresh fish meal as faint scent, a stench, fake fish odor of ammonia, rancid taste;
Particle size -- 04 -- Rules
High quality fresh fish meal fish after chopping, cooking, powder pressing, drying, cooling, crushing and sieving after a rule, and presents a planar ultra fine powder using fish meal, paste;
-- 05 -- to clarify the supernatant impurity
High quality fresh fish meal in the beaker of water after clarification supernatant no miscellaneous floats, and fish meal after injection and supernatant turbidity, organic and inorganic doped respectively float and precipitation;
The acid value of -- 06 -- Standard
The degree of oxidation of fatty acid value representative, the higher the degree of oxidation of fatty acid value, the more serious, high acid value meal of unsaturated fatty acid destruction, reduce the nutritional value of fish meal, bad gas, pig health hazards;
Ash -- 07 -- Standard
High ash high protein meal may be adulterated fishmeal, fish protein and low ash content as high as possible too much;
- 08 -
Standard calcium phosphate
High phosphorus and low calcium meal mixed with calcium carbonate material, high calcium and phosphorus meal mixed with soluble fish or fish oil;
TVB-N -- 09 -- Standard
T-vbn represents the level of corruption in fishmeal protein, fish powder if t-vbn too low may be adulterated, more serious destruction of amino acids of TVB-N higher nutritional value of fish meal, fish meal reduced;
-- 10 -- standard of histamine
Represents the decay degree of raw fish histamine, raw fish is more serious in the process of microbial decomposition, the histamine content is high, the use of fish meal to exceed the standard of histamine pig digestive tract has a strong stimulating effect, can cause serious gastrointestinal bleeding, erosion.
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