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How do you distinguish between new corn and old corn?
Time:2017/7/20 19:22:16      Clicks:1010
1, morphological difference is mainly seed gloss. Compared with the new seeds (the same variety), the seeds of Chen are stored and dried for a long time, and the seeds themselves breathe and consume nutrients. They tend to be darker in color and hard in the embryo. They tend to use their hands to pinch their embryos with less horny and more powdery substance. Chen is easy and often embryo rice weevil infestation, with fine holes etc.. Put your hand into the seed bag and pull out the powder.
2, physiological difference: Chen seed viability is weak, the germination rate and germination potential than new seeds. The ability of soil arching in the field is poor, and this is also the cause of the "bud without potential", which has sprouted in the soil but distorted and can not show the ground to form seedlings.
A lot of 3, the seed viability of self testing chemical methods, but the farmer friend can do available red ink staining method. According to the ratio of 1:60, the red ink is mixed into a solution. After soaking the seeds for 15 minutes, the seeds are not dyed red or dyed with lighter seeds.
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