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Buy mildew feed raw material, how to do?
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With you today to talk about the corn soybean wheat bran, mildew, mildew can make feed fat rapidly deterioration, protein digestibility decreased, decrease of lysine and arginine levels in feed, the feed can reduce metabolism, reduce animal weight, increase liver and kidney burden, disturbance of reproductive physiology process, failure the immune system. The pig industry great harm. A lot of lard are suffered martyrdom!
Many people asked, moldy feed how to do? Do not buy high-quality raw materials? Especially corn is more important, mold physical and chemical toxin of strong stability, high temperature resistance, processing, processing and cooking so simple it is difficult to eliminate the hazard of mycotoxins.
Commonly used treatment method
Now, so how do we deal with mildew problems? There must be people who said the use of anti mildew agent or agent is not on the line, but blindly rely on whether they were correct or not?
1, the scientific use of anti mildew agent, anti mildew agent used in moderation
The main raw material for slightly moldy, use of raw materials and anti mildew agent by mixing method, the anti mildew agent and raw material mixing, and then used as raw materials. Anti mildew agent in mycotoxin is also part of adsorption effect of nutrients and vitamins and other trace elements, not directly mix, therefore, scientific use and master certain skills is very important, blindly increase the dose would be counterproductive. Of course, the average farmer also knows that light and medium mildew corn can be fed to medium size pigs by adding mildew removing agents, but the sow and nursing materials must be strictly controlled.
2, ventilation drying, mildew to table
There are many kinds of molds, in mold is not variable skin case can be used to remove the ventilation drying method, the mold body attached to the skin. The most typical is the corn aflatoxin, drying in the drying yard after screening, skin fungal shedding, and then on the basis of the decision to use the method of mildew, mild can use the first method, moderate or severe mildew is recommended to use a method.
3, dilution method
The height of raw materials in mildew should not be used as animal feed, but the drop is not realistic, the dilution method, that is a good raw material and mixed with the ratio depending on the situation, must use the first and second methods for processing before dilution.
4, changes in the use of
Available in large quantities, can change the feeding objects, this is the second best practices, such as a pig into the common aquatic products, but to the 1-3 method, otherwise the effect is poor.
5, micro ecological mitigation method
Moldy feed will cause diarrhea, poisoning and so on, so it can be used to alleviate the damage of probiotics, it has a competitive inhibition effect on fungi, the enzyme has certain detoxification function.
Lard are using the first method, the most common, but there are still many swine mycotoxins have not been resolved, you still need Lard by combining the two or three methods to use, in order to reduce the damage to the pig farm.
The above methods are moldy feed after it, in order to reduce the toxic target. But to fundamentally eliminate mildew, favorable production, but also strictly control, select high-quality corn, corn processing and storage and other links to do.
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