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Sensory identification of water content in Maize
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Water content is less than 14%: dry grain, normal color. Bite the vibration and the sound of crisp, particle size, surface smooth. With the hand or inserted into the corn seed heap when there is the feeling of the hand brake slip, stirring in the reactor will have a "buzzing" crisp sound. The embryo of the corn is sunken and dry and stuck to the bottom.
Moisture content in 15% ~ 16%: corn is dry, normal color is fresh. Bite when the feeling of shock, the sound is not clear, hand grip or stirring fluent slippery but not "brake hand", embryo shrinkage depression, fingers slightly pinched into the nail edge with shiny oil.
Moisture content in 17% ~ 19%: corn does not feel very dry, but also not very moist, fresh color. There is a noise when the teeth bite, not the teeth. The embryo has a depression and is easily pinched with nails, and the nail has a wet mark.
Moisture content of 20% ~ 24%, maize grain dry, bright colors and shiny. Sound by hand touches the seed heap, low tide, feel astringent, to the corn pile insertion resistance is felt, embryo and grain is basically flat, teeth bite is fragile, slightly muffled sound or no sound, slag are often linked together.
Containing more than 25% of water: corn grain moisture, grain color, strong luster and bright, full of embryo or slightly raised, bite easily when compressed, no sound, hand is difficult to insert seed in pile.
Water content in 30%: corn grain grain grew up, especially moist, bright color, embryo expansion processes, nails embryo water leakage.
Also have such identification experience
Look: fine lines more corn at the top of the more dry.
Two catch: catch a hold, more than the dry corn spillover.
Three: bite bite when the sound is ringing, teeth than the dry corn bar.
Four look: germ drying, dry white, was broken into powder, said the water is about 13%.
Five pinch: fingernail pinch of maize embryo: a slightly concave edge on both sides of upper trace, said water is about 14%, if there are traces of large, broken skin, moisture is about 15%: if the pinch of maize embryo is weak, dark color, water is about 16%.
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