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Food additives for food "problem" has been made a scapegoat
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Food safety has been the focus of attention of the masses, and it is closely related to our daily life and health. Food additives in recent years has been popular concern, because now the media is making news, food additives "has been in the hearts of people is a derogatory term, made mention of food additives, people feel unsafe food.
Because of the visibility and attention of food additives has a very high in the folk, it has been retained as some media material making news effect, even in the absence of food safety incidents, as long as a little planning, an article about food additives can be reported into a stone, aroused in readers in waves. Of course, if the media attention to food additives is based on scientific attitudes and guide rational consumption purposes, under a stone, should be triggered by beautiful waves. However, only in order to attract people's attention, without regard to science, or related problems or neglect of lazy in reports involving confirmation, so it is likely to become a "flower of the evil".
For example, a media on people how much food a day to eat additives, articles, trying to "quantity" as a selling point, lead to "vigilance."". The whole report extends the logic that food additives are ubiquitous and ubiquitous. "The quantity is surprising." in its encirclement, people's diets are healthy and full of risks. It is clear that the report's "more than good" view points to a wrong logical starting point - that food additives are unsafe, or that food additives themselves are unhelpful.
As experts in the field of food science have pointed out, the food safety problems are more worrying than the food safety incidents associated with food additives. Any food safety incident can take timely and effective measures to solve, but if people formed a non rational understanding of food safety, and to form a judgment and behavior about the "reason", which is not conducive to the overall environment of our country to improve food safety, but also have a negative impact on the food industry in China the development of. The reason for this situation is directly from when food safety incidents, but also to blame some of the media events has always been the non scientific attitude and negative tendencies. In fact, affected by some media, many people have deep misunderstanding of food additives, to turn degree. The report mentioned earlier conveyed the view that "more is not good" to the public, which is a case of negative guidance.
Now, experts of our government and the relevant regulatory authorities and food safety in an effort to improve China's food safety level at the same time, but also spend a lot of effort to eliminate all kinds of people to food safety problems and misunderstanding of food additives, seems to have become a not around the past work. In the face of media questioning and people misunderstanding, many food safety experts feel very helpless, but again and again that "food additives now than Dou up, so many food safety incidents happened in the world, almost no one with the food additives, the real arch-criminal actually. It is' illegal inputs', they are also something outside of food additives, food additives has been made a scapegoat for them."
The concept, classification, scope, amount of standard about food additives, food additives in China and relevant laws and regulations and management system, has a scientific explanation and detailed list, whether the media or ordinary consumers, just spend a little time to find out. For example, China's "food additives hygiene standards" in accordance with the different role of food additives, food additives will be divided into 23 categories, more than 2000 species, and constantly add new varieties added. In our country, all allow the use of new varieties of food additives, toxicology through strict application and evaluation, first by the medical experts on the toxicological evaluation and examination, composed of national experts in various fields of National Standardization Technical Committee on food additives on approval, approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine issued. By the Ministry of health. So in using a list of varieties, are cautious to determine, and the provisions of the limits of the range and the highest use. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the use of security is guaranteed.
"Sudan red", "malachite green", "melamine" and other "hot words", there is no such thing as food additives, but some media reported in the habit of giving them a coat of food additives. Food additive innocent suffer be implicated in trouble do not say, but also bear the universally condemned notoriety, put the blame on the back of the food additive down time.
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