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Why is the feeding value of sorghum higher than in the past?
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Why the nutritive value of sorghum than in the past to improve the sorghum foundation project director Douglas. Perth said, the main raw material and is used as poultry feed to sorghum and pig feed, the United States has great advantages such as sorghum imports, no quota, non GM (not that GM is not good, but now have this advantage). The planting of water-saving, low tannin, mildew and low incidence, the most important is that the basic application of sorghum market widely expected, planting increasing, price competitiveness is also rising, with the lowest cost of feed formula requirements.
Relative to the lysine content of several essential amino acids, sorghum is higher than that of maize, therefore, can increase the use of L- lysine hydrochloride proportion, and the use of several other amino acids in the advantage of more. Therefore, the use of Sorghum in digestible amino acids relative to corn has a great advantage; at the same time, in order to effectively use sorghum instead of corn, feed processing technology is also the key.
Why we see the feeding value of sorghum increased than in the past? Because the first is better varieties: plant genetic improvement; second feed processing: a better understanding of the importance of granularity; third is the use of standard amino acids in feed formulation in ileal digestible amino acid.
In addition, sorghum has other advantages, such as reducing the content of phosphorus and nitrogen in animal feces, improving the quality of pork, and less likely to contain mycotoxins and so on.
Focus on the use of Sorghum in pig feed
Robert of Kansas State University. Dr. Gu Durban said, sorghum is a good source of energy, in pig feed, can completely replace the corn. Focus on the use of Sorghum in pig feed is: 1, a little lower energy than corn, corn is about 2, 96% capacity components; to crushing and processing appropriate (Sorghum harder than corn, smaller in order to get the best utilization rate, the need for fine grinding or crushing); 3, the standardization of the ileum digestible amino acid data.
Sorghum has the advantage of cheap energy often than corn, although slightly lower than the content of corn, but the feed weight ratio difference. Relevant data show that the grain size of sorghum with the same weight ratio of corn is 513 mu m, and the feed weight ratio is 2.7 when the corn is crushed by 555 mu m.
Sorghum also has advantage in poultry feed
Kansas State University Scott Bair said in class, sorghum in poultry feed corn particle size in the 800-1200um effect is best when sorghum processing requirements poultry feed is not processed over the range of PDI, close to 80PDI, not more, because with coarse grain sorghum fed poultry more good. In addition, protease may be the most effective enzyme for sorghum, which can increase the digestibility of nitrogen and starch digestibility in Sorghum processed at 80 degrees centigrade and added protease. Adding phytase in diets increased in Sorghum (not statistically significant) metabolism 1.9%, adding microbial phytase can improve the protein and amino acid digestibility of sorghum, digestibility of amino acids from 79.4% to 74.7%.
Kansas State University Charles stark said: "most feed companies invest a lot of money in the financial software and the formula of the tool, but if you do not understand how to unlock the full value and their potential, these tools may bring only the illusion of security." The challenge for modern fully automated feed factories is to find ways to translate thousands of data points into useful information every day.
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