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Using reasonable feed formula can effectively control feed cost
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Our nation's feed protein levels are 45%~46%, and Holland's 36%~38%. Why do we have such high levels of dietary protein? What kind of compound feed is consistent with the feeding of fish feed? We should do? How fish feeding under natural conditions, we should do what feed? Feed protein, fat, phosphorus is reasonable? Especially some carnivorous fish protein is set up why do we feed too high? Some companies are said to lose money?
There problems, to a certain extent, is caused by the enterprises themselves. To use reasonable feed formulation, reduce feed protein level and ensuring the quality, increase the level of oil feed and feed raw materials, change the blend mode, can effectively control the cost, improve product quality and prolong the breeding cycle. For example, the current turtle, eel protein levels between 42%~45%, it is recommended to reduce the 2 points, adjusted to 38%~4 2%.
Here using the "balance principle of protein - fat" seesaw, put forward two suggestions: adjustment of the formula 1, a modest reduction in dietary protein level, increase the oil level, synergism effect and saving oil on protein using oil energy.
According to raw material market of protein and oil prices, "real time adjustment of feed protein - oil" level, but it is the price of oil was significantly lower than that of protein prices, to adopt technical countermeasures of reducing protein by oil.
Also need to maintain a certain amount of feed in fish oil to provide essential fatty acids (high fish powder feed can rely on fish meal in fish oil, low fish meal or no appropriate supplements, such as fish meal, 0.5%~1%) the rest of the oil with soybean oil or other oil substitute.
At present, Oils from different aquatic species in the feed oil feed limit: Salmon has reached 30%, the carp is 8%~10%, carp hard pellet feed is 8%~10%, grass carp, megalobramaamblycephala hard pellet was 5%~7.5%, yellow catfish, snakehead freshwater fish was 9%~13%, the sea water fish 12%~16%. Among them, the deep sea fish high fat culture effect is better than the low fat breeding effect.
In oil raw materials, using soybean oil containing raw soybean, under normal circumstances, soybean oil and soybean meal =2.5~3:1, since 2013, far less than the proportion, even soybean prices close to the price of soybean meal, soybean oil added directly, aquaculture is better than fish oil. Extruded material can be directly used 8%~15% soybean, the effect is good, especially the Yellow Catfish feed. In the high fat puffed feed, fish oil and soybean oil can be used in a certain proportion, for example, 1:2~3, the best solution is fish oil, "internal", "soybean oil" outside the spray.
The particularity of fish meal, its safety and use, and the effect of culture are summarized as follows:
1, fish meal contains biological active ingredients, protein and amino acids, the effectiveness of fat and fatty acids, has become a special nutritional value of fish meal;
2, excessive biogenic amines, high temperature processed fish meal, histamine lysine polymer, lipid oxidation products will become the limiting factor of fishmeal consumption;
3, feed fish or fish meal products, but not multi-purpose;
4, the feed to use the safety of fish meal, can not use quality variability of fishmeal;
5, fresh water fish meal should be mixed with sea water fish meal, fish meal should be mixed with other animal proteins.
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